Babalwa Mneno exits Big Brother Stargames

Poor Barbs was booted out of the upvillle celebrity house, or mansion as they insist.

“Being in the house was fantastic and also gruelling for someone like me who is addicted to a cellphone. I missed twitter, hanging out with friends in my salon,” she said.

She was gracious in the house, despite the few clashes with Kenya’s Prezzo. But South Africa missed you. But did she miss us? Her is still without an update.

babalwa barbs Mneno twitter status

babalwa barbs Mneno twitter status

We miss you, Barbs, didn’t you miss us too?

Well, back to the salon and weaves it is for you then.

One thought on “Babalwa Mneno exits Big Brother Stargames

  1. Even though she was evicted I’m proud of u barbz she represented SA very well much love <3 <3

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