Black hair, weaves and bats…

I’m gonna get shit from a lot of women but, hey!

So i awoke to something that resembled a bat’s nest the other day. I was trying to sleep so this did not help at all. As i turned over to reach for my pants on the floor I suddenly remembered why I have a dislike for weaves and their like.

I applaud these girls with the most nicest looking hair in the clubs and all those places we go meet loose women (beer goggles senses should have tingled here), and picking up these drunken hott girls to bump nasties with can be quite traumatizing to a fella in the mornings, yo!

Without going into how much detail of the said stoko, lemme tell you my personal problems with weaves. If you can wake up next day and look like this :-


Fine-ass Babalwa Mneno

… well, baby, me and you ain’t got no problems!

But if you look rather raggedy, then “Zuma, we have a problem!”



Hair that’s been under such strenuous conditions of pulling, chemicalling, frying, dyeing and all sorts, tends to eat away at the roots to giving way to hair loss and a five-head. Such things are bad for a relationship with a superficial guy like myself and every other guy I know. Dineo Ranaka, the confident woman she is, showed us on her show a couple months back what can happen.


dineo ranaka after weave, not bad Dini

She came out relatively unscathed from what I can see (or hid it very well).

Apart from these things which are surely to your detriment, here’s some more reasons:

1. You won’t get into the pool with me

2. You leave hair balls or strands of that hair all over the one bathroom I have in the crib

3. You won’t let me touch it. (your hair!)

4. You won’t buy yourself that freakin’ hair, or if you do I’m paying for everything else for the rest of the month

5. I have to compliment the way it so so looks natural on you

6. It always gets in my eye

7. Do you know where the hair is from exactly?


indian hair for weave, which part of the body is it really from?

I love you women but this weave thing is just so… not on … but I’d bang that chick again if I got drunk enough not to mind it!

And all the women from India who sell their hair say: “I’m rich, biyatch”

i'm rich, biyatch!!!

i'm rich, biyatch!!!

One thought on “Black hair, weaves and bats…

  1. well thats your perseption on what beauti is.i dnt see fault in ladies using enhancments after all it al brings us to individuality

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