Boity and her blond hairstyle make me feel gay for talkin about it

Yes, I do feel a bit gay for looking at this girl’s hair and thinking… Shit, I gotta digest this for a bit… I’m not sure I like what one of the hottest girls in SA is experimenting with…. Boity, freaking blond hair?


Why are guys always concerned about women’s hair though? I have a theory… Since your girl is an extension of you and your style, you really don’t want a girl that has bad hair, or bad style in general. It reflects badly on you. Same thing as your girl not able to rock a proper weave, that shit reflects badly on you. It’s either a cheap bastard or date ugly girls with no taste.

I digress. Boity is rocking this blond shit that made me uncomfortable when I saw it on her Insta feed. What do you guys think?

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