Chronicles of a small town playboy – Chapter 6

I love road trips. The scenery, new people, new faces, new stock! Me and my homies Stunt101 and Special Star have a crew in Vryburg
that always hangs out with us at Maftown 60s parties. These niggas are a little crazy when it comes to partying… And I always look
forward to those parties.

The last time I was in Vryburg some crazy shit happened with the cops there. I was driving through town early Saturday morning,
drunk out of my mind in Stunt’s car. I was dropping off these two girls in a part of Vryburg they call Newtown. As I was driving
some cops are behind us. They put on their lights and tell me to pull over on their loud speaker. As soon as I pulled over I felt
super nauseous. When I opened up the door the vomit just came out, Blaaaaaaahhh! It was all over the car window, the door and the
street. The cops asked me what was going on and I told them I’m on my way home. I’m pretty sure they noticed how drunk I was but
they never arrested me. That was a lucky break and I don’t want to do it again.

So off we were again to Vryburg to go terrorise this small town. Our homie in Vryburg, Alex, had organised a chalet at Swartfontein.
This is where all the shit was gonna go down, and when I mean it was gonna go down, down it did!

We get to Vryburg and head to the hood. We meet up with Alex at one of the taverns and he’s got a gang of ratchet looking skanks.
These are the kind of girls you don’t bring to meet your friends. A girl like that ke sethubatlala. When times are tough, you call
on these girls to help you with that Cerebos in your balls, but you don’t take them to parties or anywhere where you will be

“Alex, wassup mfethu”. “Sipz, my nigga, all is well, drinks and girls are aplenty”. “I can see that mfethu”. So we party it up a bit
at that tavern and decide it’s time that we headed to Swartfontein with these girls. And the girls were all glad about that shit
like we were taking them to Jozi or something.

The chalet has an open plan lounge and kitchen and two bedrooms. The bedrooms have two single beds. The place looks a bit dodgy but
that’s not the point of why we got it. There’s way too many niggas that like crashing Alex’s parties without buying booze or
bringing their own girls with. We wanted to get away from those kinds of guys and go somewhere where we know they’re non-car-having
asses won’t come.

At the chalet the festivities begin with the usual drinking games to get the girls lubricated and feeling like doing nasty things.

Later, as the festivities go on we decide to go back into town to fetch a few friends. Special Star stays behind with one of the
girls, and we all knew what that was for. When we get back to Swartfontein this nigga Star is still busy in the bedroom. This nigga
almost broke that poor girl’s pussy the way she was screaming. We all knew Star has a big dick, but this poor girl was just enjoying
it a bit too much. When they finally come out of the bedroom they’re sweaty and smell funky. Star has the biggest smile on his face
like he’s never banged a girl like this before. “Sipz dude, I put it in the chocolate box. This girl has tricks for days!” “I don’t
wanna hear that nasty shit you bastard.” I’ve tried chocolate box a couple of times before, but I wouldn’t try it with some skank
off the street, I’ve got standards!

In the early hours of the morning niggas start disappearing into the bedrooms and cars. One nigga told me he took a girl to the
Swartfontein toilets and banged her on the cold floor. Niggas never run out of places to bang girls. I, for some reason, was just
too late and all the girls got taken. I guess I’ll just wait and see if I can run a train on one of them. I go outside for a smoke
and one of the fellas is at the chalet next door at the patio and he has the girl bent over and hitting it doggy style out in the
open. Niggas never run out of places to bang girls.

Stunt has a girl in one of the bedrooms and in I go. I pretend that I’m too drunk and sleep on the other single bed. I listen in on
the nasty shit that goes on and all I can do is wait my turn. Stunt finishes and leaves the girl to go to the toilet. This seems
like my opportunity. “Hey girl, listen. You better get to sleep cos I’m driving you home early in the morning.” She decides to go
back to the same bed she was in. “No, you can’t sleep there, I’m taking you home so you must sleep in my bed.” She walks over and
climbs into bed with me. She still has her jeans on so I tell her, “You’re not allowed to sleep with jeans in this bed, take them
off.” To my surprise she obliges. Sipz comes back into the bedroom to see me rocking the girl dog style. “Ha o senye nako neh
Sipz!?” I serviced that girl until the morning. I even had to go borrow condoms for the morning session.

When I finally emerge Alex says to me, “O sleg mfethu, the poor girl probably wanted to go home wena you’re on top of her.”

We go back into town to drop the girls off. The one I was boning until the morning asks us to wait for her cos she’s gonna go change
and go to school. School? Well, okay then. We wait for her cos I wanted another session with her. She comes back in what seems like
sport clothes. “Where’s your school?”, “I’ll show you…”, she says. We drive to the school in the coloured area and drop her off.
This girl walks into one of the schools but I notice something, she’s not going into the High School, she’s going to the middle
school. WTF! I later find out this girl was 15! A Vryburg arrest is probably coming!

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