Cliff Central is now Live!

I’ve been waiting for this damn show since for a while now, but finally I can listen to Gareth Cliff, Leann Mol, Mabale Moloi, Damon Kalvari and intern Siya Sangweni-Fynn.

The show airs between 6:00 and 09:00 on weekdays, with a live broadcast on Comedy Central from 07.35 to 08.50. You can also listen Live on their WeChat account (CliffCentral OA), or just download the show’s podcast.

I’m still listening to the podcast cos I woke up late. So far it’s not bad, and, well, we shall see… And yes, the swearing. Gareth and team are not a bunch of loonies who left mainstream radio so they can swear, they’re a class-act. Technically they can, but would rather not.

Do listen in people, its still the same Gareth… albeit a bit unrestrained on what they can do.

cliff central in studio we chat

cliff central in studio we chat

gareth-cliff-wechat-ad-cliff-central gareth-we-chat-ad-cliff-central

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