DJ Euphonik pens open letter over Marie Claire featured issue

So, back in 2012, DJ Euphonik’s then girlfriend, Bonang Matheba, accused him of physically abusing him. Switch back to 22 June and you will notice a bothered flurry of tweets coming from corners of South Africa, with people murmuring about DJ Euphonik’s inclusion on its August issue. The focus for the Marie Claire August issue is on women abuse, featuring celebrities, and aims to bring attention to it.

Some are bothered that the DJ, who’s also known by the government name Themba Nkosi, allegedly physically abused his then girlfriend, Bonang Matheba. So they got all a-twitter about it and questioned Marie Claire’s inclusion of the popular 5 FM jock.

Meanwhile, Bonang threw shade at it on Insta and cc’d her handbag Somizi on a comment. Shem!

I would be pissed that people think I’m a woman beater if I knew I weren’t. So, I’m guessing to get it all out there, he just had to pen this letter to get his side of the story out there:

Did I physically abuse my then girlfriend. No. Not at all. This she lied about.

On the night of the alleged abuse, we had a heated argument. I had turned to leave when she tried to stop me. I pushed her body away from me and walked out. She was not injured when I left so I can’t comment about where her facial wounds came from as I was not there to witness that.

She had later dropped charges on her own account without any interference or pressure from me, despite the belief by many that I had something to do with that decision. It was hers and her legal teams’ decision to make and not mine. We also did not settle out of court nor did I pay her to drop charges. We did however, reunite shortly after the incident believing we had put it behind us.

I’ve attached a link to the affidavit, which was used in court during the proceedings in 2012 and is publicly available at the Randburg court. Link: Click Here

It is for these reasons that I feel I have been unfairly labelled an abuser and have faced several media bashings brought on even further by my participation in this particular campaign. [source:]

I believe him, do you?

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