Fashion Fads I’m glad are over

So, ladies! There have been over the years a few fashion fads which blew into town and faded away just as quickly as they came. Some lasted more than a season to blind us another day.

Fashion fails are mostly perpetuated by chain stores like Legit, Mr Price, Edgars, Truworths and their like And now Woolies is getting into the popular fashion (read: Fashion Fads) according to whatever is supposedly “in” that season. I basically don’t like these people who shop for these stores and decide what to stock for them, and bring about fashion fails reaching epidemic proportions. Pep, the trusted store for old white women, has managed to keep the old secretaries and sales ladies in eighties garb since… well, the eighties. It’s like they bought a whole cargo ship of eighties fashion in 1979 and are still trying to get rid of those clothes.

Back to those fashion items that make you embarrassed of your old photos.

First up is a fashion item called a Choker:


A Lace Choker. Last seen on skanks in 1999

My detest for this fashion fail knows no bounds. I have an obsession that I wanna put my hands around a woman’s neck during sex, and squeeze just a tiny bit. I don’t do a literal choke, unless you ask nicely, but this lace choker thingamabob hindered my getting pleasure from choking a bitch!
Plus, it’s something that freaky-ass fags like wearing:

studded choker for freaky-ass faggots....

studded choker for freaky-ass faggots....

And then there is the Wrap Shorts. What these basically did was make it seem as if you’re wearing a nice short skirt when I’m walking towards you. And then once I pass you and hope the wind picks up so I can see farther up your skirt, you have some freaking pants on! Really, I mean like ruri, WTF! That is some deceptive shit. Is it a pair of pants or a skirt?

wrap shorts

Are these pants or a skirt? It's not multi-purpose pants so don't say both!

The Spice Girls shoes:

It’s a Sketchers shoe I believe. Big-ass sole, worn by men and women. But it looks more repulsive worn by men. White men, to be exact.

Skechers shoes

Skechers shoes, better known as Spice Girls shoes, were never a good look on anyone

But I saw a black guy in one of them shits the other day but I figured he got them from his baas. Okay! Nigga probably bought them with his own money, but I still blame dutchmen niggas for these!





Quasi-futuristic silver/chrome clothes. Before the year 2000 Hollywood muhfuckas told us we would be flying in spaceships and wearing clothes that were silver, and then Sisqo believed and dyed his hair silver:

sisqo silver hair

Sisqo's silver hair. Enter the idiot!









Chinese tattoos. You now wish you hadn’t gotten that tattoo, huh! You now remember that it’s actually permanent, huh! They tell you it means strength, while it means you like it in the chocolate box! Thankfully people (with imaginations) don’t fall for such anymore and actually find something with more meaning.

Chinese writing tramp stamp. Although a nice conversation starter most guys don't believe that it means courage or strength

2 thoughts on “Fashion Fads I’m glad are over

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  2. hahaha noway, chokers and platformed sneakers 4 life!!
    love them, but i gotta say you prove a point.

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