Gail Nkoane, the hottie that plays Lelo on The Wild

New it-girl Gail Nkoane is quite a stunner. Having been on the entertainment scene for a couple of years now, the Kimberly lass is capturing a lot of male attention lately, along with female attention, if you know what I mean!

Singer, actress, business woman and beauty queen credentials all give this gal a 28 out of 30 in my book. And if you believe Heat Magazine, she apparently is keeping rapper Kabelo Mabalane’s bed warm lately (I thought nigga was a pastor?). Slightly obssesed with her? Stalk her on, and become a fan on Gail Nkoane Fan Page, or
Your not here to hear me ramble about Gail Tsholofelo Nkoane , so check out her pics:


One thought on “Gail Nkoane, the hottie that plays Lelo on The Wild

  1. Très belle femme et talentueuse actrice.

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