Hippo Insurance pulling a fast one on the South African public?

So, I always wondered about insurance quotes from Hippo.co.za. They tell the public in South Africa that they are going to get them insurance quotes from all these insurance companies, and that they will get the best deal. Before you accuse me of hating on ’em, they should go ahead and “do best”, but they’re just pulling a fast one on us.

I went to www.telesure.co.za and I found out that they own 1st for Women, Auto & General, that nauseating Dial Direct  AND Hippo.co.za as well. And if you look for Hippo insurance quotes sends you quotes from them, and others of course, but we are not assured of the best possible cheaper car insurance or whichever one will be sent to you. You get a few less, and here is the thing that irks me — They sell you their own products.

So whichever one seems to “suit” you, that’s the one that will be tailored and presented to you.

hippo.co.za - You DON'T need the Hippo

hippo.co.za – You DON’T need the Hippo

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