iPhone cases that doubles as stun guns

Wow, a manufacturer in the US is selling an iPhone case you can use as a stun gun all while still giving your iPhone 4 a charge! The developer of the Yellow Jacket iPhone 4 case was created by former-Military Police officer Seth Froom after an armed robber broke into his crib and jacked his electronics and his cell phone.

The Yellow Jacket iPhone case has a stun gun attachment that can take down a fully grown man with its 650k volt! It also has the ability to charge your phone for power of up to extend the iPhone’s overall life by twenty hours but also has a safety switch and rotating electrode cap to prevent you from accidentally shocking yourself while making calls or using your favorite apps.. With this unique $125 case for iPhone 4 and 4S you have an extra layer of protection against very real violent people.

Yellow Jacket iPhone case

Yellow Jacket iPhone case

Yellow Jacket iPhone case

The way things are in SA I see this being a favorite of protective fathers all over Joburg.

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