Isidingo actor Meshack Mavuso caught with his stick in the cookie jar

Sunday World says he banged Naledi Gcwabe (26), last year without using protection – and the woman conceived his child.

However, a friend of Meshack and Naledi says the actor did not want to be responsible for the sprog, and he ordered her to abort. “Meshack was so scared that his wife was going to find out about his cheating ways so he gave Naledi R1500 to terminate the pregnancy,” says one of their friends.

“Meshack met Naledi in July last year while he was attending a music festival in Kokstad, KwaZulu-Natal. They had been together for eight months, and in September Naledi fell pregnant with his child.

Another insider says Neo found out about the affair and started sending Naledi messages on her cellphone, e-mail and Facebook mailbox.

“At some stage unknown people would phone Naledi and call her a slut and a marriage-wrecker. Due to this, Naledi was hospitalized in October and also two weeks ago because of stress,” says an insider.

“Naledi didn’t choose to be pregnant, Meshack [should] have acted responsibly when he had sex with her,” says a friend.

IN A text message sent by Meshack to Naledi, he says: “Those girls who are calling u are the wife’s of all the man you fucking.”

Naledi responded in anger: “Your sick, your the psycho…what men??? You’re so shallow. Now coz I’m standing for myself, I’m a bitch, I’m sleeping with other men? Well sorry to burst your bubble.”

Neo retaliated: “Woman I have never inboxed you. You are the one that keeps sending me messages and blocking me so I can’t trace you. So stop talking crap. Why wud I call you?

I don’t know who the hell you are and tell ur friends to stop harassing me cos I’m happy and don’t want to know. If you have or have not been fucking my husband should b my business but you know what right now I don’t care. Sacrificed your foetus that was ur call. May God have mercy on you. I hope this is were it ends. Stop sending me msgs and claiming that I’m sending you messages you psycho.”

In an e-mail sent by Naledi to Neo on February 5, she said: “Seemingly you’ve been well informed n updated according to ur inboxes 2 me. I stil dnt get y u inbox me n den deactivate bt stl leave me wif ol ur details afta u curse n degrade me lyk u do. Afta dis e-mail I pray u wil liv me alone n I wil delete every lil thng frm u n act as if dis neva happened.1st of ol my pregnancy has jack shit 2 do wif u, yeah ur hubby impregnated me (on da wikend he went 4 da Ndamase wedding n Malusi Gigaba’s party in Ballito), I terminated 4 my own rizons n dez more 2 it dan jst da pregnancy, trust me u dnt wanna knw. So culd u kindly liv me da heck alone now. If u want more lemme knw cz I’d b more dan hepi 2 dish up 4 u cz ur opening a can of worms I’m sure u can’t handle. lyk I said dez more 2 it dan mits da eye. I neva wntd it 2 reach dis point bt uv pushed me woman, cum 2 thnk I sacrificed wif my own child cz I neva wntd u 2 knw n nw u do n dis is da pryc I hev 2 pay. Quit calling me wyl u at it plz!”

Three days later Neo sent her messages: “Girls like you make me sick, may you burn in hell for eternity. I’ve been with my husband 17 years and you’re nothing to change that, you’re a shell garage to him that’s all. Bitch if you’re still with my husband I swear i’m going to do something you will regret. This is a warning, I don’t want to make promises. Leave my husband alone.”

On February 15, Neo took to Facebook: “It has dawn on me that the only reason you are with my husband is due to his celebrity status otherwise he wouldn’t be your ideal man. Acting so cheap and low because you love class. What happened to love on its own. Girls like you are sorry excuses for women.”

Wrap that shit up!

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