2 thoughts on “Jacob Zuma’s The Spear

  1. andrea bosman says:

    the fact that the painting has been defaced now, just goes to prove the fact that zuma is like lenin/stalin in that he thinks he can and he does what ever the hell he wants. if a person acts immorally constantly, why is he suprised that the public are portraying him in this way, he opened the door in the 1st place for this type of treatment.

    if the president is allowed to express himself in that he can slaughter a bull/cattle, against the feelings of that of the general public, why is it that an artist may not express himself/herself in something in my opinion is completely harmless.

  2. […] Ayanda Mabulu painted a Jacob Zuma doing a Zulu dance. The difference with the Brett Murray’s The Spear painting, According to Mabulu, is that Zuma this time is circumcised. I think he just painted a […]

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