Kelly Khumalo gets reality show on e-tv

If you were not convinced before that reality tv shows are turning into shit, Kelly Khumalo’s reality show will prove you wrong. The reality show on e-tv, titled Rolling with Kelly Khumalo, will show how Kelly is keeping since her days of being a drug addict, Jub-Jub’s punching bag and actress. Well, she will be acting on her show, but of course you can’t call it acting since it’s supposed to be a “reality show”.

“Me, as a person, if I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it right and to my utmost best. Yes, the reality show was an invasion of my personal space. They were in my bedroom… don’t worry, you won’t see anything salacious (laughs). But I wanted people to see me for who I am. If there are boundaries, it means I have something to hide.”

In the 13-part series, viewers are introduced to Khumalo trying to make a comeback amid various obstacles – one of which is moving out of her mother’s small home in Spruitview into a plush Northcliff home – albeit on a temporary basis – with her carefree younger sister, Zandi, and her stickler-for-details manager, Shongwe.

With the financial coffers dry despite her signing a record deal, Khumalo soldiers on by signing a book deal with Melinda Ferguson, a features editor for True Love, penning her tell-all account in The Kelly Khumalo Story.

For all those looking to see Kelly Khumalo naked (me), this show will air during prime time people! Kelly likes showing people her undercarriage, and all that nasty stuff, but not on prime time, Kelly!

The show will air on 16th September this year.

Kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo

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