Latest at 2012 Vodacom Durban July


Latest at 2012 Durban July

Let’s vicariously see the happenings at the 2012 Durban July. 2012 Durban July Photos and top tweets

Storified by Ems Moemedi · Sat, Jul 07 2012 06:53:10

My @GAVINRAJAH creation at @Vodacom Durban July! Catch the live broadcast at 2.30pm on @SABC3 D
Some people were hating on Jeannie D’s dress, dunno why. She looks hella fine! Anyone know if she does blacks?
Miss SA in the spot light at the Vodacom Durban July image photo agency
Miss SA could have done better, especially since we know she likes to show skin
Fabulous fashions at the Vodacom Durban July! #VDJ
Is it Christmas?
Eish, this blog will make you feel better Lerato
Durban July 2012 Tlale
@DurbanJuly_2012 – it is a buzzzz at Greyville… #DurbanJuly @Durban_July Entertainment Co
"@Ru_Gudda: Ke Durban July? RT @Fatima_Fatzo: Sheee’s soooooooo BEAUTIFUL!(♥♥,) @leighraato"yesFatima Ully Manaka
What an event "DURBAN JULY"Rocks!! van Heerden
@ThisIsMoleleki @thulasindi #PremierClasse #Loliwe #DurbanJuly @SimbaThe1 who travelled by train ?
♥ RT @butterjewellers: @FelicityShiba looking stunning ins yellow and copper @butterjewellers necklace.#DurbanJuly Shiba
♥ RT @MsCassandraGud: @kuliroberts calling herself a ‘night person’. Lol sindi
RT @djmalwela This vandal @TrevorMadondo always looking GQ Suave #BestDressed Madondo
@djmalwela @iamDJSbu #DurbanJuly #VDJ Madondo
@GuguMyeni | @tumivoster looking stunning at #DurbanJuly | #VodacomDurbanJuly | #VDJ2012 | | New Age
Cute pic RT @roxyburger: RT @Vida15: @roxyburger finally worked out the make-up and hair (morning drama) #VDJ #VDJ2012éll Sierra

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