minnie minenhle dlamini vs boity boitumelo thulo: who’s hotter?????

I know this is a ridiculous to see who is hotter of these two chicks, I know! I just wanna know there is someone else out there who feels that these girls are probably THE hottest black girls in SA right now!

There are rumors that Boity might be gracing our screens on Live!, I think you can call that DCC (Dangerous Combination Crew), so of course we gonna be debating who’s hotter.

Let’s see…

Minnie minenhle Dlamini

Minnie minenhle Dlamini

We have the Zulu thickness that is Minnie Minenhle Dlamini.Credentials? LEGiT girl, Live! presenter, sometime model, MC, Nonhle Thema punching bag, smarter than blonde-Bonang, very very thick (don’t even have stretch marks on her thighs), very pretty, very very thick and rumored to be giving all of that to Itumeleng Khune. I don’t have evidence of her “mopako”, but i’m pretty sure she has a great future behind her.

And then that bite-your-bottom-lip fine Boity Boitumelo Thulo. Girl is just fine! She’s thick as hell, model, featured in FHM and some shitty website, did Head Honcho’s summer spread.

boity boitumelo thulo

boity boitumelo thulo

Now, let’s use the 30 point scale: 1 to 10 is the below average girls, 11 to 20 is average to pretty girls, 21 to 30 is the really pretty to fine girls. Minnie lands a 21, which means she’s really pretty. Boity scores a 27, so so fine, but not enough to kill yourself over her.

enjoy the gallery:

boity in a bikini

boity in a bikini

Minnie minenhle Dlamini with Boitumelo boity Thulo

Minnie minenhle Dlamini with Boitumelo boity Thulo

If you want to get to know these pretty young thangs: http://twtrland.com/profile/Boity and http://twtrland.com/profile/MinnieDlamini


106 thoughts on “minnie minenhle dlamini vs boity boitumelo thulo: who’s hotter?????

  1. Boitumelo thulo you are doing it hallaback iyo iyo…..so sweet and tender!!

  2. im in love with two women ! and I dnt wanna let none of them 1 go!

  3. Some people say beauty is not defined but after seeing this pictures that will change.

  4. but why!! i cant choose….i just love them both….im sorry i cant choose…My two favourite girls….#happiest day#

  5. i love u minnie and i think u are sexy gal

  6. zanele sokhela says:

    minnie uyababa ntombi yakwa zulu,,they shouldn;t compare yo self with any1 ….keep it up

  7. is minnie still dating itumeleng khune cz i haven’t read abt them for a while now

  8. BOITUMELO, you came to the scene and rocked RSA so go on and harder and
    rock the world, your the best, forever young k-gee in vosloorus.
    God bless you.

  9. Khanya Mvuyana says:

    oh my ghosh who can ever choose between these two amazinging galz….I LOVE THEM BOTH 100%

  10. Boitumelo definately. Minnie’s too fake and too loud. Calm down girl! You got it Boity!

  11. Both of you galz u lok hot n stunning keep t up.

  12. Ey both these ladies r good lookin no doubt.. actually look alike

  13. Mjoman Dlaminie says:

    Guys de way yal so Hot ngakhona yal actly luj alyk..I tnk dts say’z it all..love de smylz.

  14. Deejay Mickzo says:

    Well Honestly the Thicker the Better 🙂

    Minnie ! one way 🙂

  15. Minnie is hotter.. Boitumelo is very beautiful as well but Minnie o pakile so she is wins..

  16. heeee man i say minnie wins i love & adore and she is curvey,boity is just beautiful thats it

  17. Leegodia Tlhabanelo says:

    Wow u garls bwe rockng, lav both of yat u knw Minie is ma 1 nd only gal i lav

  18. boity!!!!but minnie and that body of hers…I’m for ass so minnie

  19. i say minnie wins with that body and smile and she is going far,i love her body,boity next tym gal.

  20. You both beautiful ….but i will vote for Minnie

  21. bonang matheba#B says:

    i love them both bt i will go with minnie not bcz i worked with her she is cheap and fake and want to be lyk me

    • Veromulaudzi@hotmail.com says:

      are you real Gal B#? if positive.. shame on you… you just jealous….cos she is far hotter that you.. MINNIE YOU ROCK GAL

    • I just had to reply back I know this is so long ago Queen B sit done girl and shut up u nothing compared to minnie your legs are thin u look like a drag Queen u defenately nothing compared to Minnie and Minnie keep doing your thing Girl !!


  22. Boity ur super hot,minnie how is u lov going on with itumeleng khune, since u dated khune he dnt concentrate well as a keeper. He become crazy when he think of u. Mzansi thinks ar happening

  23. ohk..this is a tough 1,these girls r both beyond hot,wouldnt mind dating them both.

  24. i only c resemblance…hw cn1 choose who’s beta lukin between twinz lol!

  25. This gal are both hotter i dnt knw who choose wow…

  26. Sthandiwe says:

    I go with Boitu

  27. Lethu mlamby says:

    Dey ar bth beautiful bt i lyk minnie go gel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. boity is my gal natural beauty even when she wakes up i have never heard a scandal about her, u are doing the right job nana! ke it low aka profile, minnie is fine her confidence make her more fine

  29. Boity z da bomb much luv. Minie

  30. immaculate says:

    i personaly think they both beautifull and i love both of them so in this case i can’t really say who i love the most

  31. Wooooow…. Thy are both btiful bt, i wil go 4 minnie!

  32. Dilo Digashu says:

    Boity,Boity,Boity…nw dats one HOT lady,naturally beautiful and sexy,I jst love her,she is so cute…

  33. nontobeko mpulo says:

    minnie minaj ai mtaka Dlamini uphiwe sisi wam………..boity gal u jst a bit of meat in ur bones uth ukupakisha kancane nje by the way i cee resemblence in u too

  34. Tshego_Starring says:

    “Beauty is the summation of the parts working together in such a way that nothing needed to be added, taken away or altered”, and that’s the both of you. You’re beautiful.

  35. kelly tobie says:

    these two young ladies are an inspiration…they both beautiful and smart, cant choose

  36. wow…damn these chicks r both so hooooot..if i cn lay dem both at da same tym.i gues i wld wake up dead..lmao..bt on ds 1 i hv 2 go wt ma grl boitu..i lv ds grl..i cn suck hr body 4rm top 2 bottm.n evn lick hr ass..lmao……….

  37. galz u rock both of u,no one is better than the other. but if i wil choose, i wil go wth minnie

  38. Boity unbelievably hotter than minnie.


    both ladies are fine, but i’ve got to give to boity, she rocks my world.

  40. Both the ladies are super hot, I’ll go with Ma Dlamini!!

  41. As a beautiful curvaceous woman myself I go for the beautiful and curvaceous minnie yall know she is much beta then boitu all thou she’s beautiful herself she’s still growing..

  42. Minnie u are so pretty everyday,u are the best gel,if your boyfriend nver told u tht,he is jelous,u dersve to get sumthing wch is morethan on the percantage rate 120%

  43. they both look fab in their own way how can one choose mara? Yoland from Durbs currently in Joburg

  44. Tjo tjo…! I feel weak on my knees when i c these 2 gourgeous but eish… wait a bit BOITY Boity! Gal u r totally off de hock, i’m so in love with your eyes and lips ..they look lyk HEAVEN…Mmmmh!!!!

  45. Minnie will do for me yet they are both beauiful 🙂 Love yu Minnie

  46. wow hw cn i choose between this two hot chicks coz thy both beautiful?

  47. G.I-2-the-damn-V.E.N Magia says:

    Boity I’m hypnotised by your beauty…Charm Attack!!!
    True definition Of Beauty is you description…period!!!

  48. minnie is the best

  49. […] a business woman, face of this and that, getting that promo money from Lewis or Sales House; Minnie Dlamini, fellas and even ladies are tripping over themselves to give this girl a compliment on my other […]

  50. Boitumelo is hotttter thn Minnie!

  51. Hey guyz u look ”Hot” both of u ul like 2 b ur frnd love u guyz…

  52. umini is beutiful but uneziqa nemilenze emibi, i wil go with Boity

  53. […] Twitter we don’t exactly know who is frustrated with it going down, who said what, what is Minnie Dlamini is doing right now, is Sizwe Dhlomo at his Cappello Buzz restaurant, or if the world has indeed […]

  54. andiswa sinxo says:

    boity is beautiful and cute than minnie likes 2 fake bonang i will go with boity!!!! 200%percente and minnie 100%

  55. they are both beautiful i must say

  56. Yhaaa nooo yhaaa i must just say it

  57. aikona Minnie ain’t fake and cheap! i disagree. the girlis just way too Hotter…Period!

  58. I think both girls are beautiful…. And they are both EXTRA HOT!!!!

    • lol minnie o we wa lena is nt pretty xe is an ugly ass gal i dn’t like her @ all i c nothng good in her so did khune xe is loud & too xure of her self Boity in the oder hand love her met her in few occations xe has love & brains

    • lol minnie o we wa lena is nt pretty xe is an ugly ass gal i dn’t like her @ all i c nothng good in her so did khune xe is loud & too xure of her self Boity in the oder hand love her met her in few occations xe has love & brains minnie is a dull stupit brainless zulu gal #zulus are All stupit

  59. I can’t choose both gals look hot

  60. vuyiseka fayo says:

    Am going with madlamini shame shez a bomb lv ya gal keep it up may da lord b wit u evry stp of da wayI

  61. Boi is faking her voice,jst dnt like it.will go wth the goal keepers fiancie.

  62. there is no way on earth Minnie can beat Boity. Minnie tough luck girl i cant even say you hot i dont see the hotness in youi.

  63. Minnie is very hot and beautiful than Boity. Infact Minnie is the perfection of natural Beauty, she doesn’t need Weaves and all that to be beautiful unlike Boity. Now she is rocking dry perm and Wow She is beautiful even in that too…To me Minnie is the Most beautiful, Hot Girl in SA. I respect Minnie for showing us Her natural beauty by taking off the Weaves. Boity must also show us Her beauty if she is, and take off that Weave because Weaves don’t make a person beautiful but it just fools the person. Minnie proved to us that she is beatiful. I love both of these girl but Minnie is Hot and beautiful than Boity.

  64. p.mngxekeza@gmail.com says:

    Boity is the one who’s faking Minnie, and she is ofcos jelous of Minnie. Boity uneMpandla inwele ziqala enqentsu kwaaaa…..damn Minnie is taking this one, Beautiful, Hot and thick. Minnie is an insiration of many girls out there not that fake Boity. Power to you Madlamini.

  65. Veromulaudzi@hotmail.com says:

    the gals look identical… but minnie is more beautiful dan Boity… that’s a FACT not an opinion.

  66. no Minnie is way HOTTER than Boity.

  67. the only fake i see here is Minnie wanna be Boity, She cant be Minnie bcz she is way far. SIT DOWN BOITUMELO U AINT ISH


  69. nkosy mdlalose says:

    boity is way far beta dan Minnie, Minnie is good nd I love her but boity is the best… abwt impandla minenhle has it too…boity yababa nj.

  70. i go with minni njena.uyababa ke shame nd dts nt an opinion its a fact,kip it up gal

  71. yoh best, wow

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  73. minni z da cutest guys nd dat a fact she z perfectly hotter dan every gal in SA. YOU GO GAL

  74. oh bawo

  75. minnie z a wae 2 beautiful sana umhle ndzwakaz

  76. I will go wit boity,Minnie is fake,she imitates ppl.u go gal boity all de love

  77. prof mabunda says:

    these two girls baybaka seriously but i like minnie dlamini i can do whatever it takes make her happy ncwaa!!! minnie minnie

  78. team minnie all de way……

  79. Boitumelo Thulo always comes tops for me.

  80. Christopher says:

    If you don’t want to support Bafana Bafana, support Boity. *Proudly South African* Windeck!

  81. Yoooh minnie muhle mmh

  82. Tsundu Ananians Chabalala says:

    what I have realize is both of them I rate them equally Minnie and Boity are so beautifully and pretty facial expression even cutest voice that I have never heard before through media.

  83. minkie mothapo says:


  84. These two are not the prettiest hottest girls in South Africa. Yes they are famous but there are lot of girls out there who kills them with beauty

  85. Minnie . all the way . boity awulenzi

  86. Minnie . all the way . boity awulenzi

  87. Minnie uyababa ntombazana I vote for you 9000000 percent high five Bluetooth

  88. Boity you are the best bape

  89. Minnie Dlamini all the way

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