Nokia Lumia Creative Studio

In the past two decades, things have changed. We’ve gone from weighty gadgets to technological wonders no thicker than a pencil. Mobile phones have undergone a magnificent transformation, morphing into marvels of human ingenuity that we can barely do without.

One of the key drivers behind this innovation has been the addition of a digital camera. A mobile device without a camera is like a car without wheels – fun, but ineffective.

Today, Nokia offers users access to a host of pioneering photography applications which are all available for download using the Marketplace.

Perhaps the most extraordinary and exciting is Nokia Lumia Creative Studio, which gives you the tools required to edit photographs on the go. Have some fun playing with live effects, face warps and special effects. This application has the power to alter any image to capture its best possible representation.

We also offer Lumia users access to several designer features which allow you to quickly update your Facebook profile or Twitpic your lunch.

These include Smart Group Shot, which allows users to capture great group shots more easily. Five images are captured in quick succession, following which you can select the ‘best’ face for each person in the group and combine these choices into a single shot. The days of awkward images where Rob has one eye closed and Lerato is looking at the floor are officially over.

Smart Group Shot

Smart Group Shot:makes it easy to capture great group shots with just one attempt.

Nokia’s Lumia Panorama functionality is another marvel of modern technology. With the help of Windows Phone, budding snappers are guided through the image capture process to ensure the best outcome. The mobile device then works its magic by aligning each of the images to deliver a panoramic view.

Lumia Panorama

Lumia Panorama: Capture beautiful wide landscapes more easily

In addition, Action Shot allows adrenalin junkies to capture movement shots with enhanced shooting speeds. The new control mechanism also makes it far easier to review sequences and select the best option, ensuring that only the most vibrant and exciting images make the cut.

Action Shot

Action Shot: allows you to capture action and movement shots with significantly improved shooting speed or as a burst of shots.

To install these applications, simply launch Marketplace from your Lumia and search the Nokia collection. Best of all – Creative Studio is available for free. Happy snapping!

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