Nonhle Thema and the NT Merchandise crux, Brand Management 101

After thoroughly fucking all her endorsement deals and any future deals, demolition-derby style destroying her Nonhle Thema brand and running it into the ground, the girl who’s in her own twisted world, Nonhle Thema, is now slinging her own merchandise using the Nonhle Thema brand.

Trouble is that Miss Thema really messed things up when she started with telling people to suck a dick when they said her reality show sucked balls. Now, if you’ve ever seen her O-Access show on Channel O, you will know she’s really blonde. Ngwana o o dom. She should have read a book instead of spend time in front of the mirror. All she has going for her is her beauty. Tholwana borethe. Sorry!

Everyone knows about the drama on Twitter, and all the bullshit.

Poison Ivy, oops, I mean Precious Ivy by Nonhle Thema is a fragrance by Nonhle Thema. No word yet if it smells like toilet spray or if it’s any good at all. Of course she says it’s the bomb diggity, but that girl lives in her own world… where saying people’s mamas got raped and gave birth to a certain raper is nothing at all (hehe, see what I did there? Huh? Okay!)

And then the other day what do i see? She’s slanging weaves! Kinda makes sense ‘cos you will rarely see that girl without a weave on. Hope she still has hair under that heavy-ass weave. So she got some Nigerian nigga slanging her hair pieces from his salon in fourways.

Nigerians have a salon in every suburb in Gauteng, and I’m not tryna knock Nigerians, but how the fuck do you make business with Nonhle Thema my niggas?

Here is where things fall apart. First of all, last year Feb or whenever the show started on Vuzu, she was all that. Had endorsements all around, and on the premise that she was such a huge star she got a reality show centered around her and her suppossed “big Hollywood takeover.” They even allowed her to pen the storyline! The first two episodes showed how bad that decision was.

So, then came the time she flipped and showed how immature she is. That’s when her brand management skills failed her. The GM Chevrolet and Dark ‘n Lovely endorsements went. Vuzu showed her the middle finger (might have been a goatse).

So, lately she’s selling hair, and a dodgy fragrance…. from a fucking salon! Where is the brand going if she does all this? Will it ever go back to the times when niggas thought she was wife material? Being labelled a hoe by some rapper niggas, can she really be a house wife?

I’m guessing her only way is to go Nigerian, ala Babalwa Mneno!

I guess what I’m saying is that she is selling a brand that has been through the shit-trough and currently has no hope of being salvaged.

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