Our Perfect Wedding fans: Ayanda Mpama is your new host

Well, you will always have objections when it comes to a new host for the ever popular show on Mzansi Magic, Our Perfect Wedding. Some people are still complaining about why Brenda Ngxoli was not retained. It seems to be a trend now, so really, with each new season, please accept that there will be a new host.

And for this current season of Our Perfect Wedding: Ayanda Mpama.

Say all you want to say about her gums and teeth and get it all out of your system. Some people like her. Including me. She’s got spunk that one. I don’t think Basetsana Kumalo and co don’t know how to run their business. The host is really important on these shows.

Born: June 11, 1984 (age 31), in Swaziland, Aya is a singer, having been featured on Idols SA before. I hope she returned the poor caterer’s dessert dish though. Welcome to the world of being rediculed and all kinds of nasties been thrown at you, Aya.

Follow her: https://instagram.com/ayampama/, and https://twitter.com/ayampama/

Ayanda Mpama

Ayanda Mpama


Ayanda Mpama

Ayanda Mpama

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