South African Olympics Swimming Team on Twitter

Since I know I probably won’t be following the Olympics as much as I would like to, I thought whilst I’ll be in spirit with South African Olympics Team, maybe I should get to know them a bit better through their Twitter profiles…

SASCOC ( announced the team a while back, JZ wished them well, and they flew off to the 2012 London Olympics to represent South Africa. So whilst I actually don’t know them at all, I would like to cheer for them. So I’m gonna break them down according disciplines. Here is a list of the Olympic swimming team and, if available, their Twitter profiles. Click follow and give them moral support!

Jean Basson (, Charl Crous (, Heerden Herman, Chad le Clos (, Gideon Louw (, Kathryn Meaklim (, Graeme Moore(, Karin Prinsloo (, Sebastien Rousseau (, Riaan Schoeman, Roland Schoeman (, Leith Shankland (, Darian Townsend (, Wendy Trott (, Suzaan van Biljon (, Cameron van der Burgh (
Manager: Shawn Adriaanse, Coaches: Graham Hill and Igor Omeltchenko (

I think we know our swimming team always comes back with some medals…

Cameron van der Burg ‏@Cameronvdburgh

Cameron van der Burg ‏@Cameronvdburgh

Roland Schoeman ‏@Rolandschoeman
Roland Schoeman ‏@Rolandschoeman



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