8 thoughts on “TIA — This Is Africa!

  1. Thanks for the intighs. It brings light into the dark!

  2. Com o kangoo jumps pulo, malho e me divirto como uma criança, tenho metas e resultado como um atleta, navego em um cruzeiro bem estar e mostro o resultado.

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  5. “And yeah, high five for noting that the Witcher does everything Dragon age is trying to do, did it before DA came out, and continues to do it even better with each iteration.”Would you elaborate on what you mean by this? I don’t want to make assumptions on what you are saying here, even though it is very open-ended and stated as a fact rather than opinion.

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  7. Kate McGuire – wow! I can’t believe she got all those bridesmaids to wear the exact same color and dress! Such a bright blue too! I love the photo of the groomsmen. so cool looking!

  8. I could truthfully illustrate all day exactly how much I like your blog, nevertheless is restricted on the biggest: just the right throw, wonderful idea, wonderful subject material. Wonderful!

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