Top Billing’s Lorna Maseko wedding pictures finally surface!!

lorna maseko wedding

lorna maseko wedding

20 thoughts on “Top Billing’s Lorna Maseko wedding pictures finally surface!!

  1. Ohhhhh my word,I just love you..u soo amazin lorna all the best on ur marriage#smillin#

  2. eish not sure of husband, definitely not a perfect couple,

  3. whoaaaaa you look splendish. Wish all the best in your marriiage. Girl i love the dress please advice me where can i get the dress. im getting married on september this year. Love u both

  4. Phumaphi Mabuza says:

    Wow, this is so cute!

  5. Wow this is beautiful the decor is exquisite, your dress is beautiful and please tell me where i can get those bridesmaids dresses?

  6. Its beautiful its everything a girl could dream of.

  7. […] I’m sad, can this combination ever be replicated in a package like Lorna Maseko? […]

  8. Lorna you`re so beautiful i must say…but your man…NOOOOOO! Are you guys sure this is the right person who was marrying Lorna….Unbelievable…this guy doesn`t look her type at all!!!!NO WAYS…Lorna what criteria do you use when choosing kanthe????

    • Thats not your words..are you married to a hot man? if yes then leave what you think in your eyes is not hot..she wakes up next to him not you so why is it bothering you… come now, lets act matured.

  9. the dress is great but the man ??????? perhaps a childhood sweetheart

  10. oh ma gosh (let me just call u sis coz i am a maseko) u guys looked beautiful!! I had to google about u coz I saw ur pic at the state of nation address. Wow this was surely a beautiful wedding(MY DREAM)

  11. Beautiful wedding, Lorna and Hubby you guys make a great couple. Pictures are beautiful, and I’m so happy that you have a man that took you out of the single-hood. i wonder if these woman who wanted Lorna to marry a “hunk” if they have hunks in their own homes…. nc nc nc.. all the best Lorna!! Blessings

  12. woow…what a wedding Lorna. u were stunning…#perfect

  13. say that again Thando they look for the looks that they will deceive them.

  14. babalwa mini says:

    gal u look like a doll fab dress love it congrats sweety

  15. Lorna what a great wedding. Everything so perfect. Which decor company did the job for you and who made the cake. This is evident they do great jobs. Wanna get them for my wedding this year

  16. Guys u looked sensational,love everything about your wedding.Don’t mine bad comments about your man as long your happy & inlove.What is beauty in a man its how he treats u respect u love u.

  17. What matters is that he loves her,ubuhle bendoda zinkomo zayo,my only wish is that he could have worn a darker suit,black,navy or charcoal like groomsmen.

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