Trevor Noah on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno (Full Video!!!!)

Trevor Noah performed on Jay Leno’s show, the Tonight Show. Makes you feel proud, doesn’t it, unless you’re a hater then it makes you choke up and die, huh bitch!?

24 thoughts on “Trevor Noah on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno (Full Video!!!!)

  1. Dominic Mwakifulefule says:

    Trevor you’re representing,I’m so proud.

  2. Vincent Khubz says:

    Trevor is a true proudly SA hero who houses all the SA races in one soul. Its amazing to see him representing us by doing what he does best!

  3. Well done trevor- making us proud man- nahmean! *wink*

  4. Where da clip at?

  5. ROTFL!! This guy is amazing!!

  6. There was no doubt that this star was going to shine brightly! Love you Trevor!

  7. well done trevor!! i am so proud to be a south african..yes we can !!

  8. Gloria Britain says:

    Well done Trevor! Stepping it up all the time! Loved it!

  9. well done trevie!!! you did awesom son! na mean!

  10. Trevor is just something else! I’ve always said he is one of the best comedians I have ever watched and thanks to the Jay Leno show, he’s going places!

  11. Awesome! Awesome! Well done Trevor. I’m so proud of you. Well done too on representing SA.

  12. You SUCK!!!!

  13. Where’s the clip guys? I know Trev to be a bomb. He rocks big time. Well done Trevor Noah.

  14. Rochelle Barrish says:

    Well done, Trevor! You rocked the Jay Leno show.

  15. Trevor you are great, nah-meen!!!

  16. Well done Trevor we proud of you, you rock

  17. Trevisto Warocka wena ,,Proud of You!!!!!!

  18. Trev my Man what can i say……..u did it again dude…keep on keeping on!!!!!

  19. OMG !!!!!!!He is the Awesomest !!!! wait nah what I ment was he IS pure AWESOMENESS !!!! wow the dude funny !!! on the real man…that was amazing.

  20. Top class perfomamce Trevor!! You did us proud man and keep it up!!

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