Zahara dating Lungelo?

Zahara is a rural Eastern Cape girl, Lungelo is a debonair and urban charmer boy. I saw a picture of them together at some function (courtesy of, and couldn’t help but just wonder about unexpected couples. You see, you must understand that, I, myself, am a rural boy and do tend to go for rural girls, and have on occasion hit it off with a weave-wearing debonair girl.

But people, have a look at the picture. I understand that Lungelo is not Zahara’s boyfriend and they were probably at a work function “together”, but, wouldn’t that shit just be weird?

Word of advice, Lungelo? Be careful who you hang out with and go to “work” functions with. People fall inlove with those they skeem!

zahara dating lungelo?

zahara dating lungelo?

PS: Mika Stefano, please use a better camera, your photos look like you took them with a potato!

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